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Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd.

Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd (hereinafter to be referred as Tianjin HENGRUI Company) is a private stock company, which locates in Beichen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tianjin city. The HENGRUI Company was founded in 1994 and covers an area of 1.76 hm2. There are about 100 staffs in the company. Twenty of them are engineers and 50 per cent of them have been engaging in plastic manufacture for 15~30 years. There are various kinds of equipments, which are about 30 sets. The annual sale is about USD 7,000,000.00 ~ 8,000,000.00 and 30~50 per cent of them exports abroad.

The product details we made before as follows:

In 2002, The most width board line is 3200mm (PVC double layers)

In 2003, Many sets of three-layer co-extrusion PP lines with 1000kg/hr capacity for food packaging;

The line with the biggest capacity: 1500kg/hr (ABS three layers);

So far, we can do seven-layer, which is for PP PS and PE cast film (for food packaging).

We company began to produce PC film line and PMMA sheet line during the time of 2005~2006 years. The automatic PC film line was handed to the buyer to use in September, 2006.

We made the first PET sheet in 2002, which was sold to our customer in Shanghai and has been used since then.

In electronic field, PS conductive & anti-static sheet and narrow band are mainly used by our customers.  

The product pattern of HENGRUI Company is DIY (made by ourselves). The work from the extruder to winder, cutting off machine, stacker, side material recollector and electric installation is all done by HENGRUI just in order to guarantee the quality. Up to now, the products of HENGRUI are the best in quality at China market.