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Crusher for molding machine

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Crusher for molding machine

Product Brand: HENGRUI
Product model: HRPS-770 / 180

HRPS-770 / 180 type molding scraps online crusher, mainly used in the production of PP, PE, PS, PET and other materials in blister molding. The sheared scraps are crushed online and transported to the storage material by fans Boxes, online recycling, no pollution, cost savings.

The main technical parameters:

1Traction motor power0.75 kw
2Maximum linear speed of feeding21 m/min
3Entrance width770 mm
4Crushing motor power3.0 kw
5Crushing efficiencyAbout 75~150 kg/hr
6Sheet thickness0.2~2 mm

The crushing system includes guide roller, variable frequency speed control feeding roller, crushing box, conveying fan, pipeline and cyclone separator, etc., customers can also customize mixing hopper or storage box

Convenient operation, clean and tidy, save production cost, save energy.

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